What would you suggest is the best way to handle lone walks through poorly lit areas?

Often I have to leave campus late, and especially when it becomes darker early, I find myself walking alone at night. Are there phones or some other way to communicate with campus police in case of an emergency? Is there a direct line I can save on speed dial?
There are numerous police assistance phones located at outdoor locations throughout the campus; they have blue lights above them for easy identification. These phones should be used to report suspicious activity, crimes in progress, or any emergency situation. The dispatcher will identify the location of the phone being used and will dispatch police and other security personnel as necessary. In addition, University Centrex phones (gray), placed at outdoor locations, can be used to contact the HUPD at 617-495-1212. Also, we strongly encourage community members to enter the HUPD’s urgent line (617-495-1212) phone number into their cell phone speed dial list.