What is the difference between the HUPD and the city police, like Cambridge, Boston Police, etc.? Are there any times when the Cambridge or Boston Police would become involved in a crime occurring on Harvard’s campus?

A major difference between the HUPD and other local law enforcement agencies is jurisdiction, or territory in which the law enforcement agency is able to exercise its law enforcement powers. With the exception of certain crimes, such as homicide, HUPD has primary jurisdiction over all crimes occurring on Harvard property. However, the HUPD maintains a good working relationship with the Cambridge Police and the Boston Police, and will coordinate with them if necessary in order to ensure the most appropriate response and to maintain a safe and secure environment.

 HUPD officers are licensed special State Police officers and deputy sheriffs in both Middlesex and Suffolk County. Those powers give HUPD officers the authority to respond to any crime on our campus and any breach of the peace on city streets in Cambridge, Somerville, and Boston. HUPD officers receive the same academy training as officers from the Cambridge Police.

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