Response to Reported Incidents

In the event of a reported crime or emergency, there will be a public safety response to your location, either by the HUPD alone or a joint response.  Dispatchers are available to answer calls 24 hours a day at 617-495-1212. In response to a call, the HUPD will take appropriate action, either dispatching an officer or asking the victim to come to the HUPD to file an incident report. All reported crimes will be investigated by the University and may become a matter of public record if a case goes to court.  HUPD incident reports involving Harvard students, faculty or staff may be forwarded to the relevant School or Department for review and potential referral to the appropriate disciplinary process.  At its discretion, the HUPD may conduct further investigation into an initial report. Additional information obtained from any such investigation also may be forwarded to the relevant School or Department. If assistance is required from the Cambridge Police, Boston Police, Massachusetts State Police, or Somerville Police, or from the Boston, Cambridge or Somerville Fire Departments, then the HUPD will contact the appropriate unit. In the event of a reported sex offense, initial responders, including HUPD, will make sure the survivor is aware of the wide variety of available resources.