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What should I do if my friend is very drunk, has passed out, and is not waking up?

You should call the HUPD immediately at 617-495-1212. You should not delay in calling as any delay could be life threatening depending on the level of intoxication. The HUPD’s main focus is to get your friend immediate medical attention and not to get you or your friend in trouble. The health and well-being of your friend should far outweigh any concerns about disciplinary action. Please note that the incident will be reported to the appropriate college official as a medical assist.

Does the University have a text messaging system?

Yes. The University has established the MessageMe communications system to send text messages to the cell phones of students, faculty and staff in the event of a life-threatening, campus-wide emergency. This system complements the other emergency communications capabilities the University has in place, which include emergency web sites, broadcast email, phone conference bridges, and voice messaging systems.

All persons with a Harvard ID are eligible to sign up for the MessageMe service. They must have a cell phone that is equipped to receive text mail messages. Users of the service...

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If I'm on campus and I call 911, who responds?

If you call 911 on campus, the call will go to either CPD or BPD depending on your location. We have a good working relationship with both departments and they generally inform us of the 911 call. Either way, there will be a response to your location, either by the HUPD alone or a joint response. To reach the HUPD directly in an emergency, call 617-495-1212.