Community Advisory - Burglary and Attempted Burglary, Harvard Yard

September 21, 2018


On Friday, September 21, 2018 at approximately 4:15 AM several Wigglesworth Hall residents reported to the Harvard University Police Department that while they were sleeping someone climbed through their first floor window and stole several laptops, wallets and an iPhone from their room.

At approximately 8:20 AM while in the Yard investigating the previous burglary, officers discovered an attempted burglary at Mower Hall. In that incident an unknown offender(s) pulled off a screen but was unable to enter the room as the vent lock was engaged.
It is unclear whether these incidents are connected; however, all of these incidents are being actively investigated by HUPD detectives. If you have any information about these incidents, please call the Harvard University Police Department Criminal Investigation Division at 617-495-1796.
Although unlawful entries (burglaries) into occupied rooms are very rare, the HUPD wants to remind students, faculty, and staff members that we are located in an urban setting and share many of the crime and safety issues that exist in any city. Community members should take the following precautions to reduce the risk of being victimized and to keep their valuables safe.
  • Residents should not prop interior or exterior doors at any time, hold an outside door open for strangers or allow strangers to “piggyback” on their access card.
  • Residents should keep their room doors locked at all times even when in the room or when going down the hall for only a few minutes.
  • If at any time you observe someone acting in a suspicious manner in your building or attempting to enter residences, please call the Harvard University Police Department at 617-495-1212 immediately. Suspicious behavior may include a stranger knocking on your door and asking an out-of-place question, such as “did you lose these keys,” or making an excuse for being found in your room (“I was looking for …”).
  • Residents should close their windows when leaving their rooms, even for short periods of time; should not disengage the “ventilation stop” on first-floor windows; and should keep all property away from windows in order to prevent someone from reaching in and removing it.
  • If you arrive home and it appears that entry has been made to your room, please do not enter. Call the Harvard University Police Department immediately at 617-495-1212 from the safety of a neighbor’s room. At no time should you enter the room, touch anything, or confront someone in the room or the building.
  • Register your laptop. For more information visit
For more detailed information on safety and security please read the Harvard University Police Department's annual security report entitled "Playing it Safe”, which can be found at
For questions about this advisory, please contact the Harvard University Police Department's Public Information Officer, Steven G. Catalano, at 617-495-9225 or by email at
Disseminated at 11:05 AM on September 21, 2018.