Community Advisory - Assault and Battery Dangerous Weapon, 1555 Mass Ave, Camrbidge

October 7, 2015

At approximately 6:50 PM this evening, Harvard University Police Department officers were dispatched to respond to a report of a fight in progress behind the Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church at 1555 Massachusetts Avenue, which abuts the campus of Harvard Law School.  Officers responded to the scene and observed an unidentified male standing over another male lying on the ground.  The unidentified male's face was covered in blood and when officers instructed him to lie on the ground he refused their commands and show his hands.  One of the officers observed what he believed could have been a knife in the male’s hand.  


The unidentified male fled the area and the officers pursued him.  After a lengthy foot pursuit, HUPD, CPD, and Transit Police officers located the suspect in a backyard on Follen Street.  The individual was placed under arrest for outstanding warrants.  A subsequent search of the area did not produce a knife.  


Upon return to the scene, officers observed blood in the area but could not locate a victim or the person the arrested party was standing over upon the officer’s arrival.  It is unclear how the unknown male was injured or if, in fact, a stabbing occurred.  


The arrested individual is not affiliated with the University.  


For more detailed information on safety and security please read the Harvard University Police Department's "Playing it Safe" booklet, which can be found at


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Disseminated on 10/7/15 at 10:50 PM