Diversity and Community Liaison

To support its ongoing commitment to maintain open and accessible relationships with all members of the community, the Harvard University Police Department assigns one of its officers to the Chief's Office to serve as the Department's Diversity and Community Liaison. The Liaison, in partnership with the Department's geographically-based community policing teams, is responsible for fostering a working relationship between the Department and the University's many and varied communities, which may be defined by ethnicity, culture, language, sexual orientation, or other types of diverse interests.

The role of the Liaison includes:

  • Actively reaching out to communities across the University that include students, faculty, or staff;
  • Creating and maintaining meaningful dialogues and relationships to address areas of need or concern;
  • Identifying, analyzing, and addressing problems arising between the Department and the University's wide range of communities;
  • Helping to eliminate barriers and dispel myths that may exist between the police and the community;
  • Mediating conflicts between the Department and the community and between particular communities themselves; and
  • Providing diversity training within the Harvard University Police Department.

For more information about the Department's outreach to diverse communities please contact:

Sergeant Kevin Bryant